Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Morning Make-up...

routines...mine is simple and easy when it comes to getting ready for work. I have a make-up bag filled with random stuff but I wanted to talk about my most used products. I am not really a make-up girl, I feel like I don't know what to do. I like to try new products every now and then but generally end up not liking them. I don't like to spend a lot of money on things for this reason. I am not really happy with my make-up so I would like to know what your favorite products are. 

Here are my basics - I start with concealer because well... these dark circles are ummm dark, lol. 
I would like to know if anyone else has something better. Concealer, under eye cream, what are you girls using that really works?!

Then I use my powder - mineral foundation. I like it because it's super light feeling. I do like it a lot, it covers well and looks more natural. 

I've always always used basic black eyeliner. Even on days when I don't wear any other make-up I usually put eyeliner on or I feel weird about my eyes. 
I don't know it's strange but it's my one go to thing. I usually just do a thin simple line, nothing crazy. 

I have a couple of different colors of eye shadow but usually I just put on my clinique shimmer. 
It's just a "white" shimmery - gives a little sparkle I suppose. I have no clue.

I rarely use mascara. I put it on here because sometimes I do. Annnd because I need to know what you girls think is the best mascara and/or what technique do you use to get super lashes. Mine never and I mean never curl up or look long and wonderful so please please share your secrets, help me! 

I for the longest time was really afraid to add any "color" to my face. I'm trying to work on it. I just recently started trying to do blush. I think it's looking ok but who knows. I still don't go full force, if you didn't know you might not even notice I had it on. I'm scared that I will look like I'm rocking the crazy 80's streaky blush you know. I got this covergirl blush because I like the color and it was on the cheaper end as far as blushes go. 

Lastly I just started adding some color to my lips. Usually I am a chap stick, lip gloss kinda girl. (See above statement) I think lipstick looks ridiculous on me.  I've tried lots of different colors and nothing works. I heard a lot of rave about this newer revlon lip butter so I thought I would give it a try. I like it. I apply it like I do my blush - barely any at all. I'm working up to a full application ;) 

So this takes me usually 5 mins to do in the morning. Easy peasy. 
Some facebook friends said they do read my blog. So if you are reading this comment please - 
here or on facebook I don't care I just want to know what products to try and what actually works/looks good. Thanks for your help!

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