Wednesday, April 18, 2012


what to say that I haven't said here a million times. We've got the whole "I'm freaking exhausted", "I'm still very pregnant", "I'm so busy and can't think straight", you know the basics.

To be brutally honest work has my head spinning. I am training someone new right now who will be taking over my position when I go to have the baby and ultimately when we move and I am no longer there. I suck at training - I am very much a go go go person, I do things a certain way because I've been doing it for a long time. Sometimes it's hard to stop and explain things because I just want to do it myself and get it done. But I am trying hard to "teach" and go slower.

I am 31 weeks this week. Which means I am now only 9 weeks away from meeting Miss Carly :) So excited. I still feel like I haven't gotten things around for her and I do not feel ready at all so I am starting to feel the pressure of getting ready. At this point with Cain I am pretty sure his entire nursery was done, I had all his little clothes washed and waiting.

Cain is entering a new phase of toddler hood. It's a shitty phase and I hope it goes fast. My sweet little boy is turning into a "lets play rough, I want to wrestle you, I want to jump on or off of everything possible" phase. What the hell?! We don't generally play rough with him and he has never been like this before but it's just starting slowly with no signs of slowing down. I'm tired of hearing myself repeat things like "Cain that is to rough, you need to be more gentle" over and over. Ohhh here comes the age 3 - everyone has warned me that the terrible twos have nothing on 3 and I am becoming a believer. But then he will snuggle up to me or give me kisses for no reason and melt my heart - thank God for sweet moments!

I have no new pictures to add because I've just been obsessed with taking pictures on my phone with Instagram - cktimes3 if you want to check them out.

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