Sunday, March 4, 2012

Random Nonsense...

I have been in a writing funk I suppose lately - not much going on. We have been laying low. I've been resting as much as possible, sneaking in naps whenever possible.

Chris started his basketball league this weekend so we went to his game Saturday. Cain was hilarious watching the game. All he was trying to do is get Chris to talk to him as he played. He kept saying "Daddy, hi Daddy" Daddy is running, Daddy has the basketball, there's Daddy. It was so cute.

I got to go get a massage the other day - a great early birthday present from my sister. It was wonderful :)

Chris' classes are going great. Lots of traveling back and forth, which sucks, but it's been working out so far. I don't know if I mentioned it here on my blog but we will probably be moving shortly after the baby is born. Not sure on the details as of yet but it's looking like either the Ann Arbor area or Farmington Hills area. So much still unknown so we just take it week by week.

Getting a little more done and situated for baby Carly's arrival. Time is moving so fast - I can't believe I only have about 15 weeks left! I am pretty much set, because we are moving shortly after she gets here, I am not really putting a nursery all together.

And sometimes Cain likes to wear his underwear on his head...

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