Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oh what a day...

I am exhausted! Work has been hectic, came home and cleaned up, played with Cain, then we took a trip to the mall per his request. Came back home, made dinner, cleaned that all up, played some more, bath and bed for the little mister. Now all that leaves is folding laundry and putting it away. I need a maid!

I can not believe the weather we have been having - loving it so so much. In the 80's in mid March?! Insane perhaps but it can stay as long as it would like.

We took a trip to the butterfly house yesterday - Cain had tons of fun. He ran all along the trails of Dow Gardens with Chris chasing after him and I found myself lagging behind as I waddled my way along. I'm 27 weeks along this week (and to be honest if babycenter didn't remind me I would never know) and it feels more like 37! I don't know if it is the heat making me super puffy or my love for junk food - lets go with the heat ;) but I'm feeling huge!

This week has been a crazy busy one (and it's only Tuesday) but it will continue to be so for the rest of the week. On the upside we are going to a Pistons game on Friday with a bunch of folks from work! Then on Saturday we are looking at a potential house, in the Ann Arbor area, that we might possibly move into when we move after the babe has arrived.

Anyway I will leave you with a crap ton of pictures from our butterfly house trip...

climbing big rocks

checking out the waterfall 

Cain and Mom

trying to catch butterflies 

watching birds

discovering trails

playing in the sand at the kids garden

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