Friday, March 30, 2012

Movin' on up...

to the east side...well not so much but we do have some moving plans in our future. I haven't talked much about it here because honestly the whole process is just wait and see. Now that we are getting a bit closer and we have sort of moved on to the next step it is almost 100% sure that we will be moving. (Side note: when I say "we" are moving through a process it's more like Chris is moving through the process and I am cheering him along from the sideline and going along for the ride.)

We will most likely be moving to the Ann Arbor or Detroit Metro area. I have been in complete search mode of a rental. I really would like to find a single family house rather then an apartment. Apartment living can be difficult and with a toddler and a new baby in tow I don't think it would be the best fit for us.

We do have family that live in Belleville so I sort of know that area a little bit and would like to be close to them. It's only a few hours away from my family but it's the furthest I've ever lived away from them - and my Mom currently helps out so much with Cain, I'm going to be missing it so much. So the closer to any family the better. We did look at a house in the same subdivision that our family lives in now. A small 3 bedroom brick ranch. It's on the top of our list as of now.

So the thought of moving is exciting - starting over in a new place. Doing something different, a new adventure. It's also a little bit scary - moving to a new area with Mr. Cain and a new baby. No friends close by, no Mom to keep Cain for a few hours just because. So we shall see what happens and I will try to update when we know more.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

28 Weeks...

Here we are with only 12 weeks to go. I think I say this every single time but it is so darn true - time is flying by! 

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 28 Weeks
Size of baby:  2 and a quarter pounds (like a Chinese cabbage)
Maternity Clothes: Mostly all maternity - a few regular shirts still 
Gender: It's a GIRL! 
Movement: Every day - it's starting to get to the point where she moves pretty much all day long 
Sleep: Sleep is getting harder - I wake up a lot. 
What I miss: sleeping on my stomach - I want to so badly
Cravings: I just had to have a calzone yesterday - it was all I thought about all day!
Symptoms: no new ones as of this week
Best moment this week: doctors appointment went well and hearing her heart beat :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I know it's been...

awhile sense my last post - and normally today would be the post about being 28 weeks - but I've had a sick little boy on my hands. Not to mention all the other things I have going on. I will try and take a picture and post a pregnancy post tomorrow but no promises.

Last week Cain had a runny nose which I assumed was from his 2 year molars coming in. It didn't ever stop though - then a few days later came a cough and an on again off again fever. I really don't like taking him to the doctors ever. Which if you have read my blog from the beginning you would know that. So we kind of did the wait game to see if his immune system could kick it. But the other day I just had a mommy feeling while listening to my poor man coughing and called the doctor. We got him in there and they gave him some antibiotics to help clear it up. His first ever antibiotics :(

Work has been extremely busy this week. I'm so glad today is my last day for the week! I'm tired and my brain hurts. So for tomorrow we plan on having a Cain and Mommy day - running errands, cleaning the house, and I am going to try and get some more stuff organized around here.

So come back tomorrow and hopefully there will be a new post. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oh what a day...

I am exhausted! Work has been hectic, came home and cleaned up, played with Cain, then we took a trip to the mall per his request. Came back home, made dinner, cleaned that all up, played some more, bath and bed for the little mister. Now all that leaves is folding laundry and putting it away. I need a maid!

I can not believe the weather we have been having - loving it so so much. In the 80's in mid March?! Insane perhaps but it can stay as long as it would like.

We took a trip to the butterfly house yesterday - Cain had tons of fun. He ran all along the trails of Dow Gardens with Chris chasing after him and I found myself lagging behind as I waddled my way along. I'm 27 weeks along this week (and to be honest if babycenter didn't remind me I would never know) and it feels more like 37! I don't know if it is the heat making me super puffy or my love for junk food - lets go with the heat ;) but I'm feeling huge!

This week has been a crazy busy one (and it's only Tuesday) but it will continue to be so for the rest of the week. On the upside we are going to a Pistons game on Friday with a bunch of folks from work! Then on Saturday we are looking at a potential house, in the Ann Arbor area, that we might possibly move into when we move after the babe has arrived.

Anyway I will leave you with a crap ton of pictures from our butterfly house trip...

climbing big rocks

checking out the waterfall 

Cain and Mom

trying to catch butterflies 

watching birds

discovering trails

playing in the sand at the kids garden

Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Friday

Yay - it's Friday and it's sunny! It's been a good day and I've been getting lots done today. As Mr. Cain takes his nap - that's right folks he is actually taking a nap today - I'm wandering around on the internet. I always like to discover new blogs or sites to frequent so I thought I would share some links with you to check out.

I've been addicted to Pinterest forever but there is a similar site called Craftgawker
which has some really cool things on it. And you don't have to wait to be invited. I know some people said they had to wait awhile to be added to pinterest.

On my reader almost every day are Mandy, Katie, and Jamie who I look forward to seeing new posts from - I think because they have kids around the same age as Cain. My reader is getting pretty full so I can't list all my favorites - but in time. You can click on my "blogs I love" tab to see a somewhat updated list of who I like checking in on.

When I'm not checking in on all the blogs I love, or on facebook, twitter, etc. I am usually checking out etsy shops. I love this one - the ruffles get me every time. I haven't purchased one yet but I do plan on it! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend and Happy St. Patty's Day :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

As I mentioned in my...

last post we took our first family walk to the local ice cream shop a couple blocks away. I can not believe we got a 70 degree day in March - well I can believe it and I am thoroughly enjoying it! I had to take my light jacket off in the middle of our walk because I was so warm :)

Cain enjoyed his rainbow ice cream very much!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

26 weeks

Wow - 26 weeks already! That means we only have about 14 more weeks to go. We have had some really warm weather lately and I have been able to get it tons of walks which feels great. On the plus side all that fresh air has been wearing Mr. Cain out and he's been sleeping great :)

I am not sure if it is the angle of the picture or what but for some reason my belly looks 
smaller in this picture then in the last updated picture, which I can assure you it is not!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 26 Weeks
Size of baby: English hothouse cucumber - google it folks
Maternity Clothes: Mostly all maternity - a few regular shirts still 
Gender: It's a GIRL! 
Movement: Every day :) 
Sleep: Sleep is getting harder - I wake up a lot. 
What I miss: hmmm...not to much I guess. 
Cravings: slurpees
Symptoms: no new ones as of this week
Best moment this week: this has been an uneventful week as far as pregnancy goes. Best moment of the week not pregnancy related - today our first family walk to the ice cream shop! 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Random Days...

Cain loves playing with our tablet. We have some really cool educational games on there for him to play with and a not so cool - not so educational game he found where you make a bear poop in a toilet and then you get to flush it. Most of the time though he sticks with "learning" games. The other day I was sitting in the chair watching him play a game and this is what it looked like. I found it quite amusing.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm so tired...

every evening around 5ish I get so tired I can't keep my eyes open. If I sit down I'm out. I try and do all the stuff I need to do after Cain goes to bed but not much is getting done these days. After he goes to bed I'm usually passed out on the couch.

The weather was so nice out today. Makes me think spring is just around the corner. I hope the nice days are here to stay. We were able to play outside today after I got home from work - hoping all the fresh air wore Cain out enough to get him to sleep longer then 6:30 - 7:00 in the morning. We shall see.

25 weeks along - only 15 more weeks to go :) Can't wait to meet our little girl.

I recently got a new camera that I've been playing with and I'll soon be able to post some new pics.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Random Nonsense...

I have been in a writing funk I suppose lately - not much going on. We have been laying low. I've been resting as much as possible, sneaking in naps whenever possible.

Chris started his basketball league this weekend so we went to his game Saturday. Cain was hilarious watching the game. All he was trying to do is get Chris to talk to him as he played. He kept saying "Daddy, hi Daddy" Daddy is running, Daddy has the basketball, there's Daddy. It was so cute.

I got to go get a massage the other day - a great early birthday present from my sister. It was wonderful :)

Chris' classes are going great. Lots of traveling back and forth, which sucks, but it's been working out so far. I don't know if I mentioned it here on my blog but we will probably be moving shortly after the baby is born. Not sure on the details as of yet but it's looking like either the Ann Arbor area or Farmington Hills area. So much still unknown so we just take it week by week.

Getting a little more done and situated for baby Carly's arrival. Time is moving so fast - I can't believe I only have about 15 weeks left! I am pretty much set, because we are moving shortly after she gets here, I am not really putting a nursery all together.

And sometimes Cain likes to wear his underwear on his head...