Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baby Things...

I have a lot of baby items from when Cain was a baby, so I don't really need anything. 
This does not stop me from looking at random crap that I probably wouldn't use but that I want to buy. 
Such as...

Blooming Bath Baby Bath

I really want to get one of these little bath tub thinga-ma-jigs. I think they are super cute. 
A little more then I would really want to spend on a baby bath (because I am super cheap). 

Lucky Baby Sling Reversible with Pocket - Free Designer Gift Box

A super cute sling would be perfect. Found here.
I didn't have a sling for Cain but I think I would get use out 
of one this time sense I will be needing my hands and arms to take care of Cain.

I want to get a double stroller at some point.
I think I like the side by side better then the front and back double strollers.
I don't know the original source of this picture but this model is way over
my budget at $659. Never ever would I spend that much but I would like
to get a much cheaper version of this.

Funny Baby Gear :)
I do not want this at all but think it's freaking hilarious!

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