Thursday, December 8, 2011

Also happening...

during this week was Little Bird's first dentist appointment. He did really good but I thought it was going to go a little better. Just last month Chris had his regular cleaning so we took Cain with us so he could see the office and see everything that happened at the dentist. He did really good then, he sat in the chair with Chris, touched the tools, and seemed to really like it.

This time though he did not want to sit in the chair, he did not want to smile for the dentist, he did not want to open his mouth, he wasn't doing anything! They were really great with him and were able to at least apply a quick treatment to his teeth with just a few tears. Then as soon as she said she was all done he asked to "pick a prize now". He picked a cute little frog out of the box and got a new light up toothbrush. We shall see how it goes again in 6 months :)