Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Time is just...

moving rapidly and it just keeps going and going. Like yesterday was Halloween and then Thanksgiving and tomorrow it will be Christmas. I have started my Christmas shopping and am pretty much done for Mr. Cain.  I say that and then every time I'm in the store I see something I just know he would looove and have to grab it. I just have a few things for other people and I will be done.

We went and picked out a Christmas tree today. It was covered in snow so we put it in the garage tonight in hopes that it would be clear off and we can bring it in the house tomorrow to decorate it! Cain was pretty excited about it. Also he loves the snow! We got our first real snow last night and it was a whopping 5 inches :( He wanted Chris to pull him in the sled all night, it was so cute.

We went and had our first visit with the OB yesterday. I had an ultrasound already but this was the first visit. I really like our doctor. When I was pregnant with Cain I had a midwife whom I loved but because of my emergency c-section I am seeing the doctor this time. I still don't really feel pregnant yet, mostly because last time I was so sick and this time nothing. I am however already popping out in places that didn't pop until way later in my pregnancy with Cain. I keep saying that by the end of this 9 months I may weigh like 500 pounds. All these damn holiday candy, meals, treats are working against me. The people in my office already brought in Christmas cookies and it's not even December - totally not helping! Next week I will post my "stats" and picture because I will be 12 weeks already. The end of the first trimester almost completed.

So other then holiday stuff and pregnancy stuff there's not to much going on. Trying to be as stress free as possible. Trying to hang out with Cain as much as possible, who by the way, speaks in full sentences and cracks me up all day long! Oh the stuff he says. I will have to start keeping track of some of the stuff on here so I don't forget.

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