Thursday, November 3, 2011

New W/ Cain...

well Cain is just a little over 2 years old now and he is doing some of the funniest things ever. I just wanted to write them down so I could look back and remember.

- He no longer feels the need to nap. It is hit or miss. Either way he lays down for at least an hour in bed. Sometimes he will fall asleep but most days now he just lays in there and talks to himself, sings, and rolls around. I go in there after the hour and he smiles and says all done sleeping mommy.

- He is using the potty still really well with few accidents. And he has now figured out that if he says he has to poop, right before nap time or bed time, then he gets to sit in the bathroom and not have to go to bed. So every single day before nap/bed time he tells us that he has to poop and wants to sit in the bathroom f.o.r.e.v.e.r. and not do anything. It's getting old buddy, really old.

- He uses ummmm before he answers anything. "Do you want a banana?" "ummmm yes" "Do you want to change your shirt?" "ummmm no" "Do you want to take a shower?" "ummmm sure" I wonder where he gets that from!

- This kid eats like crazy and he is still a tall string bean.

- We've been talking about what we are going to do with a baby. I ask him to show me how he is going to be gentle with the baby and he rubs my arm lightly and then says "hit the baby" and tries to hit me. No sir we won't hit the baby. He also tells me he is going to play little legos with the baby and feed the baby a bottle of milk.

- Chris had a dentist appt. today for a regular cleaning and we took Cain to the office so he could see it and see the dentist's chair, etc. sense his 1st dentist appt. will be coming up soon. He acted really nervous about going into the building and asked us if he could go back to the van. But once he got in there he did so great. The people at Dr. Carter's office are amazing. He didn't freak out at all when they started cleaning Chris' teeth and he just acted like it happens everyday. They gave him his own new toothbrush that lights up and let him pick something from the prize box (he choose sunglasses). He said he had fun at the dentist. We shall see when it is actually his turn.

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