Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Where did October...

go for crying out loud. I can not believe we are in the last week of the month already. We, and by we I mean me, carved our pumpkin the other night. I thought Little Bird would be more into it then he was. I forced him to hold a pumpkin seed and then he "helped" me scoop our pumpkin guts until his hand would touch anything and that was it for him. I will post some pictures of that super great fun time later. Our other pumpkin was attacked while sitting on our porch. I am not sure what (I think a squirrel) scratched it all up and ate a hole to the inside of it. Bastard squirrels.

Lots of other exciting things happening - Cain's first trick or treating experience this weekend. Cain and his cousins are going to be so adorable! Can't wait to take pictures of them. I am hoping that it doesn't rain.
Hosting a bridal shower in two weeks. Frantically trying to get all the last minute stuff done for that. My sister and her family will be here in about 25 days! We will all squeeze into our house somehow and pray that three kids under the age 2 don't wake each other up during the night.

Pregnancy related news:
-My thyroid levels are all normal - yay! I have to get my blood drawn once a week to check my levels and make sure they are stable. All of this to hopefully prevent the sickness that occurred during my first pregnancy. I don't want to be admitted to the hospital this time!
- I was planning on getting my wisdom tooth removed in the near future and I was planning on being sedated. Now I don't know what my options are going to be. My dentist doesn't want to do it at all while I'm pregnant unless it becomes an emergency. Kind of freaking out about it :(

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