Saturday, October 22, 2011

Baby 2

That's right folks. We just found out that we are expecting baby number 2! Can't explain how excited we are. I debated on whether or not to let the cat out of the bag but I can't keep it a secret. I know some people think you shouldn't tell until after the first trimester but as soon as I got the positive on the test I had to call my family. I won't be plastering it all over facebook and stuff like that but this blog is essentially my journal, and I love looking back over time and seeing what was going on in our lives and I have to blog about it! So I am only just a few weeks along and here is my first baby bean picture (the day that we found out).
also Cain is attacking me - not trying to hug me


  1. Congratulations you guys!! I hope and pray for an easy, healthy, and safe pregnancy!!