Thursday, September 22, 2011

I love Fall...

we started out our fall festivities by heading to the local apple orchard. As promised on the way there, we got apple cider donuts and it was the first thing Cain wanted to do. He didn't even want to play when we first got there - he just wanted a donut!

We then played on some of the stuff but we couldn't pry him away from the animals. They had sheep, ducks, a huge pig, turkeys, etc. and Cain could have set there all day long. We had to tell them they had to take a nap so he would come do other stuff. We went through the maze of vines which is a lit bigger then it looked.
he is getting so darn big

We took an extremely fun and bumpy hay ride. The kids had so much fun. 

Then we took the obligatory pictures which we had to do supper 
dupper fast because he wasn't really having much of it.

Can't wait to do even more fun fall stuff with my boys :)

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