Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm still alive...

over here. Just super duper busy. Can you freakin' believe that we are in August already?! In just two weeks my Little Bird will be 2. I may shed some tears. No I will for sure. He's been singing "Hap Pee Bert Day To You" sense Jett's birthday so I think he is ready for his party. I've been in party mode for a bit now and I can't wait for his party. I will have to share some pictures of the decorations I'm working on. But here are some pictures from our play date last week. The kids had so much fun - to bad it was a million degrees outside.
Cain and Ellora

All the kids flocking to the tree so for their turn to "climb" it.
Also Marshall hugging/tackling Jett.

Awww...sweet little boys!

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