Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oh my word...

this week is going by so fast! I have been working a lot and it's taking over my life :p
Tomorrow is supposed to be my day off but I'm working :( '
On the plus side it's to move stuff into our new office - yay!
This weekend however we have absolutely no plans. Nothing going on.
And it is going. to. be. amazing.
Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend and if you are going to be at home like us let us know and we can hang out.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The rest of the day...

on Saturday we were at the Lake. It was beautiful.

i look super short here

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out with family, 
eating great food, and walking around my Grandparents property 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Saturday in da UP

so we got up and around on Saturday and  decided to go and see all the water falls that around that area. Also that day my Dad proposed to his girlfriend and she said Yes!
here they are at the waterfall after he asked 

chris the rule breaker going in restricted areas

the first waterfall we were at

climbing rocks

another view of the waterfall 

Then we went to the second waterfall which was my favorite. 

I don't know the name of this  waterfall but it was pretty.
After the second fall we went over to pictured rocks and
 Lake Superior - I'll show more pictures of that tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Up North

We headed up north with my Dad and his girlfriend Friday evening. It is about a 5 hour drive from where we live to the cabin. My Dad drove up there so Chris and I hung out in the back and watched movies. Cain stayed at home with his Grandma for the weekend and had tons of fun of his own.
getting close to the Mackinaw Bridge 

beautiful sunset 

enjoying the long drive

no words

We got to the cabin kind of late Friday night so we just visited with my Grandparents, who were already there, for a little bit. We got settled in and went to bed so we could have a long day Saturday.

Here we all are Saturday morning. Standing directly in the sun but oh well. It was the perfect weather there then entire weekend. I will share more pictures from our Saturday tomorrow :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Up North...

over the weekend we went to my Grandparents cabin in the upper peninsula  of Michigan. We had a great time and I took sooo many pictures. I will be looking over them and posting more tomorrow but most ended up like this...
chris: "oh i thought we were taking a serious picture"
me: "this is my serious one. ok let's do a real one"

me: "i thought you just said serious!"
chris: "this is my serious one"
me: "no for real let's do a serious one" 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm kind of...

needing some good thoughts, good vibes, prayers, (whatever your thing is) sent my way so please send them. Thanks.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Birthday Party Part 3

Singing at party number two on Sunday. 
We were really lucky that both days we were able to be outside 
and didn't have any problems with the rain. 
We ended the day at our favorite pizza place for dinner, bath time, 
lots of cuddles, and bedtime.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Birthday Party Part 2

Cain loved it when we sang Happy Birthday to him. He would have liked us to sing it over and over. 

blowing out the candles

And then there were presents...

And so I don't bore you with 50 more pictures in one post I will post some more tomorrow :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Birthday Party Part 1

For Cain's birthday we had two parties over the weekend. We are so blessed to have so much family to share our baby toddler with. Here are a few of the details from the party. First of all we had the party at 3 so Cain could get a full nap in and that meant we didn't do a full lunch or anything. We just had a few snacks and cupcakes / ice cream.
We had a Sesame Street theme this year and Chris' mom did the cookie 
monster cupcakes. They turned out so cute and were just as delicious. 
These are the cookie party favors we put together. 
paper poms in the tent 
balloon wreath I made 
These are just some of the small details that I planned out and tomorrow I will share some more pictures / videos from our two parties!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


1. Potty training - It's going awesome. Cain wears underwear all day except for nap time and bed time. He rarely has accidents. We haven't tried going out in public diaper less yet just because Cain hates going into public bathrooms. Not sure why but I think it's because it's so loud in there. Even as a baby if I had to do a diaper change in a public bathroom he cries. We have done our regular walks and even park trips with underwear and he has done great.

2. Today he climbed into his crib all by himself. I walked in his bedroom where he was playing and he was in his bed?! I took him out and asked him how he got in there and he scaled up the side and flung himself over the top. He can't get out yet but it's only a matter of time. :(  I thought we had awhile left in his crib but not so sure anymore. I did get him a "big boy" bed already which is in the guest bedroom. I found an awesome twin trundle bed and scooped it up.
napping baby boy

3. Everything is all set for Cain's birthday this weekend. I am still so sad that he is going to be 2. I know you have heard me bitching about it for awhile now but be prepared to keep hearing it. Watching your baby become a big boy is sooo sad.

4. Chris and I started looking for houses in the area. We have some time in our lease still but we just want to see what's out there and what our options are. And I secretly just love going and looking at other peoples houses :)

5. I am in love with the cooler weather we have been having the last few days. Can't wait for fall! Hope everyone has a great weekend, I'll be posting tons of party pictures in the near future.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Over the weekend...

we went to the beach with my sister in law and her kids. They all had so much fun. Here are a few pictures I took of the day - always taking the pictures and never in them :(
burying Jett's feet

playing in the water


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sneak Peek

This is just a little sneak peek at some of the decorations
I've been working on for Cain's party. 

Also pretty flowers from the farmers market the other day

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm still alive...

over here. Just super duper busy. Can you freakin' believe that we are in August already?! In just two weeks my Little Bird will be 2. I may shed some tears. No I will for sure. He's been singing "Hap Pee Bert Day To You" sense Jett's birthday so I think he is ready for his party. I've been in party mode for a bit now and I can't wait for his party. I will have to share some pictures of the decorations I'm working on. But here are some pictures from our play date last week. The kids had so much fun - to bad it was a million degrees outside.
Cain and Ellora

All the kids flocking to the tree so for their turn to "climb" it.
Also Marshall hugging/tackling Jett.

Awww...sweet little boys!