Friday, July 22, 2011

Ok this week has...

been a week of potty training 101 at our house. I really think Cain is ready because he can tell us when he has gone in his diaper and also he goes on his potty when we put him on there. It was just a matter of getting him to tell us when he had to go. I really didn't know where to start or what to do but I got inspired but this post and figured we could give it a go and see what happens.
The first step for me was to make sure my Mom was on board with everything and that we were both going to do the same thing with him so it was consistent at both places (he goes to my mom's 3 days out of the week while I am at work). Next step was preparing my bathroom - making sure everything I need is all in one place. I like the sticker idea I found from the previous post I mentioned for two reasons 1. Cain loves stickers and 2. I knew I did not want to try and bribe/reward him with any kind of food or treats.

Our bathroom basket includes - lots of stickers (I've went through way more stickers then I thought we would in one day) his favorite potty book, flash cards he likes to look at and play with. Also in there but you can't see it is a little container with cheerios in it (sometimes when he doesn't want to go into the bathroom I put a cheerio on the potty and let him pee on it. He loves it). Then we have his step stool so he can reach and his elmo potty seat we put on the regular toilet for him to sit on.

So we were all ready to go - I made sure we picked a week where we didn't have a lot going on so we could stick close to home and just focus on going to the potty. I decided to start with every 15 mins. I knew from other attempts to get Cain to go on the potty that he has a bladder the size of a peanut. He really does pee every 15 mins. It's crazy! So we set the timer and every 15 mins. we take him in there and he goes. He likes to pee standing up which is a little more work for me to make sure it actually gets in the toilet but if that is what he wants to do fine by me. 
He pees and he gets to pick a sticker and put it on his sheet of paper. Within the first day he already started telling us when he had to pee even before the timer went off! We started this Monday morning and it is now Friday and we have had 3 accidents so far :) Yes having to be in the bathroom every 15 mins of my day kind of sucks. No matter what I am trying to accomplish I have to stop and go to the bathroom but in the last week we have only had to use 2 diapers a day (one for nap and one for bed) and that makes it so worth it to me. 

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