Friday, July 1, 2011

My Little Bird...

just isn't so little anymore. He is  getting so big. I find myself saying over and over "I never want to forget this" with so many things he says and does. I wish time would leave us alone. Let my little guy stay little. He is growing into himself more and more everyday. What he likes and doesn't like. What he will do and won't do. I love seeing this change in him but it sadly reminds me of baby that is no more.
He likes being carried around in this bucket. I am not sure why or how it even began but his PaPa can't say no to giving bucket rides. He squeezes his little body down into the bucket, looks up, asks "up,up"?

He loves playing with Chris' phone, especially if we are in the car for a long period of time and he is bored. He plays the "Super Why" game. He will repeat multiple times until you finally give in - "popye (super why) phone play" 

He loves playing on our bed. Jumping, hiding under the covers, pretending to sleep for 2 seconds and then poping up and declaring "wake" 

He drives his car around the back yard saying "bye, work" (that he is going to work) and coming back up to the porch saying "cain home". 

No matter what time in the day, if you ask him what he wants to eat he will say egg. Not that he really want's an egg he just says it no matter what. If you ask him what he had for breakfast he will say egg if he had one or not. 
He follows all the "big kids" around the park. Trying to do what they do. Saying whatever they say. And i just think please stay small. Please stay my little bird.

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