Thursday, June 9, 2011

Year Four

Today is our fourth wedding anniversary. Certified marriage experts here. Well perhaps not yet. It has been great. I feel incredibly lucky. Trying to type out the words to explain it just ends up sounding like a sappy greeting card.
So to my husband - thank you for putting up with me for a total of eight years now. Thank you for letting me sleep in some days. Thank you for understanding my love of chocolate and buying it for me regularly. 
Thank you for watching so many chick flicks (I won't tell anyone you love them too). Thank you for making a cute baby with me and being such a great Dad.  Thank you for making a promise to always mow the lawn and never make me do it (I will never ever forget that promise). Thank you for understanding my love of Ikea and partaking in regular trips with me.
Thank you for going through all the totally normal boring everyday stuff with me and making it fun. Our marriage - well our entire life - is different now that we have Mr. Cain in it but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love you!

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