Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Day...

Someday I think I am going to look back and wonder what we did when Cain was just a little guy. Today I  had the day off and we had a Cain and Mommy day - it went like this...

7:45 am - Cain woke up. I walk into his bedroom and he is so happy. All smiles. I open up the curtains and the light floods in. I ask if he had good dreams. He says he dreamed about the giant. (He is obsessed with the movie The Iron Giant) We get him into the bathroom and he goes on the big potty.

8:00 am - I turn on PBS for him to watch while I make breakfast. I make pancakes, eggs, and fruit smoothies. He plays while half watching Curious George or something like that. We get to the table and eat while talking about what we are going to do today.

8:30ish - Together we finally get clothes on Cain. He has to help or do it himself with everything. I get dressed and he destroys my bed that I just made. Jumping, trying to throw pillows, etc. I pack his bag while he plays with toys. We get our hair and teeth brushed and our shoes on.

9 -9:30 ish - we are finally out the door to run errands. We have to go to the bank and Cain repeats "go to bank" 70 times before we get there. He also yells out "big truck" at every truck that goes by. We get to the bank and he doesn't like the fact that we are sitting still in the van for that long while we wait our turn so he gets antsy and we talk about all the things we can see out the window. Finally we are done and head to the park.

10:00 - we play at the park. He repeats everything any other child says - including "hi dad" "hi mom" to complete strangers. He tries so hard to do everything that the other kids are doing. There is a little girl who becomes obsessed with Cain. She is maybe 4. She wants to hold his hand and pick him up. He does not want anything to do with this girl. It's pretty cute and a tab bit annoying. A little boy who is 4, whose name is Landon, who has two sisters, (who wouldn't stop talking) asks me why Cain's name is Cain and why Cain keeps repeating everything he is saying, and if I am Cain's mom. The questions go on and on for awhile.

11:00 - we leave the park. I have to find a way to get Cain to leave without having a complete meltdown. It actually worked and we drive home. Get home and play in our yard for a few mins. before we go in the house and I start making lunch while Cain plays with his blocks.

11:45 - we eat lunch, go on the big potty again, and lay down for a nap. This is when I get to clean up the kitchen, hop online for a bit, or do whatever needs to get done. Chris has a short work day today and gets home while Cain is napping.

2:30 - Cain wakes up - goes potty on the potty. He immediately remembers that I said we were going to go to the park after he napped so he wants to go now. "park, go, park, go"

3:00 - we all take a bike ride to a park near our house and play for a bit. Cain decides he would rather go for a bike ride then be at the park and then once we get on our bikes and going for a bit he asks to go back to the park. Nope sorry kid. We head home and play outside.

4:00 - we skype with my sister and mom in Texas. Cain wants to be on top of the computer but the fun wears off after 10 mins and he is on to other things. Chris is making dinner tonight and for some reason I have no recollection of what I did from this time until 5:30.

5:45 - everyone is done eating. Chris is going to play basketball with friends so Cain and I head back out into the yard. We play with chalk, bubbles, I get things that Cain has stuck threw the fence into our neighbors yard, etc.

6:30 - we go inside because I feel like we have done everything we possibly could have done outside today so we play with playdough at the table.

7:15 - Cain gets in the bath. We brush his hair and teeth.

7:45 ish - He is all dressed and in bed for the night.

Then for the rest of the night I will finish up picking up the house and doing whatever needs to get done. Usually read emails, blogs, etc. and then go to bed and do it all over again tomorrow.

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