Saturday, May 14, 2011

Today was extremely...

lazy for us all. I did shower and change from my pajamas to sweat pants. 
I also took a nap and ate cold cereal for dinner. Yeah one of those days. 

It is so stinkin' windy out right now I feel like our house is going to blow away. 
It's possible that all of our things outside have already done so. 

My house is an absolute disaster and if you know me then you know I am not handling it well. But most things are packed and seriously crap is everywhere. Looking forward to being settled into the new house. 
Which by the way we get the keys to tomorrow. Yay!

My homebody self went out last night and had tons of fun with these girls...

Despite the 4 teeth coming in at the same time, 
Mr. Cain has been sleeping so good every night.
Sleeping all night and not waking up once. Ahhh. 
Feels good but when I wake up and realize 
he hasn't gotten up I freak out and have to check on him.
 I dont' know what I will do when he actually sleeps in someday past 8 am. 
Well actually I will enjoy sleeping in very much.

I got an old bike that was out at my Grandpa's house for so long 
and I am going to fix it up and ride it this summer. I love it already. 
I will post some before and after pictures at some point. 

In the next week I may be missing for a bit. We are moving and
 I can only imagine how crazy things will be with working and packing
 and moving. So have a great week and hopefully I will be able to update.

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