Monday, April 11, 2011

Please Read...

Please read this article written by Sarah and let me know your thoughts. I relate to this on such a personal level and just wondering what you thought. Thanks and Happy Monday all :)


  1. Everybody has their own opinion on breast feeding vs formula feeding. My personal choice was breast feeding. It breaks my heart to say that my body just would not produce enough and I could only breast feed for 3 weeks (yet I still had to supplement formula for Emma). If I could have I would have breast fed for alot longer. I felt good being able to provide Emma with what I could but felt bad at the same time that I could not provide her with more.

    I once was told of a story about a women who had lost her baby during delivery but selfishly pumped milk and donated it so that other babies could have the nutrients that breast milk provided. This touched my heart. I mean this women had just lost her baby and that in itself had to be the hardest thing she had ever been thourgh yet she still found the strength to give to others. I will always remember this story and it will always touch my heart... now more than ever that I am a mom.

    I think what Sarah is doing is a wonderful and selfless act.

  2. I am a hundred percent for sharing breast milk. I remember reading a story about how a man with triplets had lost his wife during child birth. A few ladies from the community took turns coming to breast feed the babies, so with all the other worries in the world after losing a spouse, feeding his children wasn't one of them. Kudos to anyone who does the selfless act of providing nourishment to a child through breast milk sharing.

  3. So I didn't really share my story yet but I tried really hard to breastfeed Cain but only lasted for about 4 months before he was eating more then I could produce. After trying everything I got milk from someone who had an overflow. I couldn't be more thankful for that person to give my child what I couldn't.

    That being said I think if you do milk sharing (which I'm totally for) you should make sure it is someone you trust and isn't putting things into their body that you don't want your child to have, etc.

  4. That's a great point Crystal. You should definitely know the person and where the milk is coming from. Or if they are donated to milk banks, that the bank is properly monitoring it for certain things in it.