Monday, March 28, 2011

Best Pizza Ever

Ok here is a list of my top 5 pizza places in my area. 
I would love to hear what yours are!

1. Brooklyn Boyz - 612 E. Midland St. Bay City

2. Buccilli's Pizza - 1541 N. McEwan St. Clare

3. Pisanello's Pizza - 10 North Main Street Mount Pleasant

4. Eudici's Pizza - 184 Church Street Freeland,

5. Papa John's for my "chain" fav


  1. My favorite is Gordonville Grocery & Mikes!
    I think the smaller non-chain ones do it best!

  2. I've never had it from there before but I agree, the smaller places are the best. You have to try Brooklyn Boyz it is sooo good. Are you guys planning on coming over on the 8th?

  3. I don't know that I have ever had Brooklyn Boyz, but I went to SVSU with one of the owner's wife (can't remember her name now)...So I would vote for Buccilli's Pizza...

  4. I'll just throw this one out there in honor of the hubby... we can't go to Coleman without going to The Pizza Man. :)

  5. Yes Kim - Pizza Man's is really good maybe I should make a longer list ;)

  6. I think this is the main reason that I love you...our pizza list is the same. It really is the key to a happy marriage. We should start an online dating service that only asks your top five favorite pizza places. Look out eharmony, here comes!