Friday, February 25, 2011

Little Bird uses...

the potty regularly during the day for the most part. He uses it when he wakes up in the morning, during the day randomly when we put him on there, before and after naps, etc.
A few weeks ago he was sick and had diarrhea and he did not like going in his diaper so he was telling us when he had to go, we would put him on the potty and he would go. He has been doing pretty well. Chris and I discussed trying to take away the diapers during the day to see what he would do so tonight we went out and got some big boy underwear! We got a couple of other things to try and encourage him and we are going to give it a shot tomorrow. I'm a little nervous but so excited to see how he does. I know that he can tell us that he has to go because he has done it - he just gets caught up in playing and doesn't want to tell us. I definitely don't want to pressure or force him and if I didn't think he was ready I would wait but I think he is. I need any ideas or suggestions for people who have gone before me in the potty training adventure!

On a completely different note I found out today that my sister is having a BOY! Yay - so excited for a nephew! This is her second baby - she has a little girl so now she gets to shop for boy clothes!


  1. and for the record it's not going so great today

  2. oh man, dont get discouraged...its new, he will get the hang of it! GO CAIN!!!!!