Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Birthday Plans....

As you may know we were planning on having a little wine and cheese party for my birthday that is coming up and I wanted to get donations to send to St. Jude's ...'s not going to happen at this point because life got crazy....Chris got sick and was in the hospital and had surgery....I got sick and couldn't breath through my nose for like a week....Cain got sick and pooped more then any baby should ever poop....and I didn't plan anything and didn't even realize how close it was already until it was brought up today. How can we be at the end of February already - it just started?!?! I will still be sending a check but just not throwing a party.

So keep St. Jude's in mind if you are feeling generous! That's my PSA for the day - you are welcome.

P.S. Keep your fingers crossed - we have a showing tonight on the house!

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