Monday, December 13, 2010

This year we started a new....

tradition. This will be our 8th Christmas together and I feel like I've simply run out of things to gift to Chris. Also he likes things that I simply have no idea about. So we decided to do our own shopping - lol - and before you judge hear me out.
We decided to make it more about us then things. We spent the entire day at the Great Lakes Crossing Mall (our favorite) just the two of us, we each had a certain amount of money to spend and we bought what we liked. Then we went to dinner together and stayed at a hotel in Auburn Hills. We had so much fun and decided we should do it every year. There is no pressure to find the perfect gift and Christmas morning is all about Cain anyway. I highly recommend it.
We got our first big snow of the year yesterday. I took Little Bird out and he lasted about 5 mins. He wasn't quit sure what to do and he just wanted me to pick him up. I showed him he could pick up the snow and he liked it a little more. The guy across the street has a 4-wheeler and was out plowing neighbors drives and Cain kept calling him Grandpa because his Grandpa Bert has a 4-wheeler that he loves to ride. We just had a lazy day and never had to leave to the house. It felt good.

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