Thursday, December 16, 2010

This was the converstaion....

at my house the other day between Chris and I.

Me: Look I put his new table and chairs together today and it didn't really take me that long. I like 'em now I just have to paint them.

Chris: Yeah they look good. You are going to paint them now - after you already put it all together.

Me: Yeah. Why?

Chris: Why wouldn't you paint them before you put them all together?

Me: (in my very annoyed voice) becaaaause I didn't and it's fine. Just let me do it and don't worry about it. 

Chris: Well fine but you are going to get paint on the top. 

Me: No I won't - it's not like it's my first time painting something. Why do you always try and tell me how to do things. My way is just fine. (still in my annoyed voice - much louder at this point)

So I start painting and realize with in minutes he's right - shit I hate when that happens! I try my hardest to just keep painting, acting as if I was totally right. About two minutes later...

Me: (in my sweetest voice ever) ummm do you think you can start taking those apart so I can paint them. 

I hate it when he's really really hate it :(

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