Friday, November 19, 2010

OK I Think I....

am over my weird feeling about keeping the blog private. I just hate to think that I am putting Little Bird out there for creepers anyone to see. I also don't write if it's under private. Blogging has been a great outlet so I want to keep doing it. So here we are again.
We have been busy. I can't believe Thanksgiving is in 6 days. Time is flying by. My sister and her family will be here tomorrow and we are so excited. Can't wait to spend time with them.
Little Bird has been teething and it's getting the best of him. He is so miserable. If you look at him wrong he will start crying.
I've been sewing and trying to do some projects. Got my Christmas shopping started - almost done actually. I always start early and pick things up here and there and it makes it so much easier. It's not a huge lump some of money all at one time and I'm not stressing about getting to the busy stores. We aren't going crazy with gifts for Cain. He gets so much stuff from family that we don't need to. We don't want him to have an excessive amount of crap stuff anyway.
Random question here....what is your thought on circumcisions? There has been a lot of talk lately when someone in San Francisco was trying to get circumcisions legally banned. So what do you think?

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