Friday, October 15, 2010

I first got my braces on...

in March. You can see that picture here it's only been a short 7 months and this is what my teeth look like most recently.
this is a picture taken before heading to Kristi's wedding on the 9th
I go to the orthodontist again in a week and half or so and then my next appt. after that (in Nov. or Dec.) I will be getting my bottom braces put on. I really like my orthodontist and I think my teeth are moving really well.

Now #7 of the 30 days of truth...Someone who has made your life worth living for...
I have so many - I think it changes with your life. Obviously I would now say my Little Bird. He is my world and makes every day worth it. There is my husband who is absolutely the best ever and he makes every day worth it. And there is my family - my parents, my sister. There are my friends. They are the reasons we do what we do. So for me everyone who has played some part in making my life what it is today has been a reason worth living for.

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