Wednesday, October 6, 2010

100th Post...

This is my 100th post - who knew I had so much to ramble on about. Just a review of what's been going on in my little world.

I still want to try and get down to my 100 items but I've been going crazy slipping a little bit. I was good for awhile - I bought a new pair of jeans so I got rid of a pair in my closet, etc. But then...I started finding good deals on things and what can I say. Now I am back on track and trying to keep the downsizing going.

Our house is still on the market - we've had lots of showings. We are still very hopeful to sell soon. I love the house though - I'm going to miss it. Our original plan was to build and sell and then build again and sell, etc. I'm not for sure if that's what we are going to do now or not - it's kind of all up in the air.

I'm very excited for the Fall season. I've got some of my decorations out. I have a few more things I want to do with Cain before it gets to cold out. We got his costume - he won't be trick or treating but I have to get him dressed up.

My sister and her family will be up in November. I am so very excited to see baby Nahla. It's been to long sense I've seen her.
this is from our last visit when I was in Texas - this picture cracks me up
Cain is doing really well. He is running - literally running - all over the place. He is such a little boy now and no longer a baby :(  It makes me sad but also it's so cool seeing him grow and learn.
He is still going on the potty a couple times a day, mostly when we put him on it. He has brought it out to me once though to go so I think he is getting it. He knows a lot of his animal sounds. Books are his favorite thing at the moment. He isn't talking much yet though - he knows what I am talking about, like if I tell him to get his shoes or pick something up and put it away he will do it but he just won't say the words for things.
 That's about it. We are all just working and hanging out. Staying busy. We will be even busier in the next couple months with holidays, family stuff, etc. Bye :)

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