Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This has been...

a rough week for me. Not sure why exactly but I've just been stressed out. There is so much going on and my mind is in over drive. When I actually sit back and think about things like a rational person I know I can not control 90% of the things and I just have to let it work itself out. But hello do you know how difficult that is for a control freak like me?
Last weekend when we were visiting family we made our usual stop at IKEA (I freakin love that place) and we picked up a potty chair for Little Bird. I had no intention of starting potty training or anything like that but I just wanted him to get used to seeing it around and perhaps sitting on it once a day and getting used to it. Well the first time we put him on it he peed. The next day he pooped on the potty - like a champ ( a very stinky champ). I couldn't believe it. So I've been sitting him on the potty a couple times a day and sometimes he pees and sometimes he doesn't. It's so darn cute - who would of thought.
This evening we went to celebrate Bert's birthday and had a wonderful dinner. Cain loved running around outside like he always does. Here are a couple of pictures from our evening...
Cain and his dirty little face
with Daddy
checking out the bird's nest Grandpa found
chasing after those darn chickens -he got to hold an egg 
but dropped it before I could get a picture of him with it
letting Grandpa see the rock he found - 
but only Grandpa- no one else was allowed
Day 5 of the 30 Days Of Truth...
Something you hope to do in your life...
At one point I had a "bucket list" all made out but I've lost it at some point. I want to do so many things but traveling is a huge thing. I want to see everything! I want to go everywhere - little towns, big cities, land marks and random pit stops along the way. I hope that some day I am able to travel all over.

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