Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Little Bird is...

getting so smart and he amazes me everyday! However he is getting a little to smart for his own good. He is on to us and we need to do something new for "discipline" - no spanking though. Our discipline routine of telling him no and redirecting him to something else is no longer working. He knows what's up. Just the other day Chris was unloading the dishwasher (Cain loves the dishwasher and can hear you open it up from a mile away. He loves to try to climb in it, stick his toys in it, or just push all the buttons) and Cain comes along and tries to touch everything possible. Daddy says no Cain and walks him to something else. He comes right back. This happens another 3 or 4 times before we look at each other and decide to try "time out". Now we know he doesn't really grasp the entire concept yet but we gave it a shot. Chris sat him on the rug and told him he had to sit there because he wasn't listening to Dad and he was touching the dishwasher. Cain cried and tried to get up so we sat him back. We only made him sit there for 30 seconds. But he would get up and go touch the dishwasher - so we made him go sit back down on the rug. This happened 3 times before he decided he would go play with something else. The next day I went to work and Chris said they were in the kitchen making lunch and Cain looked at him, touched the dishwasher, and went and sat on the rug. He thinks it's a fun game! What do we do now?


  1. This cracked me up! Funny boy!

  2. Well you could always try what my parents did, they would duct tape me to the bed post for hours and sit cake in front of me to taunt me.
    I will have to ask Kim she knows all.