Thursday, September 16, 2010

Little Bird & his blankie...

He has never had a favorite toy or stuffed animal. He never had anything he had to carry around with him - until now. He has had this green blankie sense he was born and has always used it but just recently decided he needed to carry it all around the house.
here is the blanket from the beginning
And this is how our morning goes...
-Good morning Cain - did you have sweet dreams?
-Yeah Mom I'm ready to get up now
-Ok Cain let's change your diaper - we need to leave your blankie in your bed ok. That's where it stays so it's ready for nap time.
-Mom I don't want to leave it in bed!
-I'm gonna get it out ok Mom it's not just for sleeping I promise
-I can carry it around the kitchen while I talk on my phone
-Ummm no Cain it's for sleeping
-We can play peek - a - boo with it. I love that game!
-Nope buddy I'm not convinced. It's still for sleeping.
-Hmmm I can always put it over my head and walk around the room
laughing hysterically at myself. It's the funnest game to play with blankie.
-See Mom it's so funny
-Cain I'm sorry but Mommy only wants you to use your blanket in bed. 
Like right now because it's time to take a nap.
-You're just no fun Mom

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  1. great story...loved this blog, funny pictures