Thursday, September 30, 2010

I think at one point...

I had mentioned briefly here about "Makeup-less Monday". I can't really recall so let me explain why I've been doing the makeup-less Mondays. I actually found it on another blog(I can't recall which one but if you google it there are lots) and it is just about being yourself. There was a woman who went to work one morning and had a meeting and found herself apologizing for not having makeup on and she thought what is wrong with this picture. Going without makeup for some people is an everyday event no biggie. For others that can't step foot out of the house without makeup on it's a bit harder. I don't fall into either of those categories really but it's very...freeing, if you will, to wake up on a Monday morning and not worry about doing your makeup as another step to get you out the door. All over the place lately I've been seeing Terri Hatcher who posted photos of herself without makeup on to show the difference between her and the tv her - which I think is great. Women and especially young women need to realize that tv personas are not real, it's not what you should be trying to live up to.

This week we have been hanging low. Just the normal working and hanging out at home.Got a new hair cut (thanks Mandy). The hubs and I did go see the movie "The Town" for Tuesday date night and it was really good. And that's about it :)

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