Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What I Love Wednesday

I love date nights with the hubs! It's hard sometimes to find that balance between marriage and parents. All your energy gets sucked up with work, parenting, grocery shopping, etc. that you can easily forget what brought the two of you to this point. We love each other - duh! We love hanging out together, telling stories, laughing our butts off.
me pretending to eat Chris' face off with my braces
We need to have "date nights" to reconnect - to unwind from everything else that is life. So our date nights are nothing spectacular, per say. Some of you without children probably do this on an everyday basis.
On Tuesday's Little Bird goes and stays with Grandma due to our work schedules. This is the perfect opportunity to get in a date night. We will sometimes order pizza and veg in front of the tv, grab some dinner out, go to a movie, take a walk, or whatever. With money being tight we always try to make it an "affordable" night. Now that we've been having these nights out we know some of the affordable things to yesterday we went out to eat at BWW - yum - and it was .45 wing night - we ate for under $20.
the fried mushrooms were mine
Also on Tuesday the Midland Cinema has $5 movie day, most movies are $5 all day long. So for $10 we can go and watch a movie. I love being able to find things to do that we enjoy for not a lot of cash-ola. Does anyone have any ideas for inexpensive date nights - I'd love to hear 'um :)

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