Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Random Thoughts

I need a new wardrobe. Like give away all my clothes and start over. I need someone (an honest person) to shop with me though and help me find what looks best.

I'm excited for the next few weekends - lots to do. Especially excited to go to Bonnie's, Jack's party, and the Lewis wedding :)

I want to learn French. Last year I got a learn French cd and book from Barnes and Noble but it's way to hard. I need a tutor who can speak the language.

Trying to plan a weekend away with the husband sometime this fall but not sure where to go. I want to stay in Michigan but it seems like we've done everything there is to do here.

It's only the end of August and I am excited for Halloween.

The Olive Garden sounds really yummy right now - who wants to go with me?

Have another ortho appointment next week. I can't wait until the braces are all gone and my teeth look beautiful!

Having a garage sale at my Mom's this weekend - trying to keep downsizing little by little.

I need to start working out again - what do you do to workout - gym, class, at home, what?

I'm going to try a "What I Wore Wednesday" tomorrow instead of the "What I Love Wednesday". I saw it on another blog and it was a super cute idea. We shall see though - whenever I say I'm going to blog on a certain day about a certain thing I don't. Sorry about that.

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