Friday, August 13, 2010

On this day...

one year ago I was laying in bed wondering what the next day would be like. I was scheduled to go to the hospital the next morning - Little Bird was already 2 weeks late. I was headed to be induced. So nervous and excited, I could not sleep. The next morning came quickly and we gathered up our things and made the trip to the hospital. It was a lot of sitting around and waiting at this point. All hooked up to my IV and had got the medicine to get things rolling we waited.
Chris did this...
and I did this...
And then we did some more waiting. Being checked routinely only to find things were not moving along. He didn't want to come out. So it was time to evict him... and they broke my water.
Waited some more and I started to get some contractions. Nothing to bad. Then a few more hours went by and many laps around the hospital floor later the contractions really started to come strong. I really wanted to try to go with out any medication so I tried every other method available. 
We were in the middle of full labor now and he just wouldn't drop down. I tried the tub, the birthing ball, the birthing stool, I laid this way and that way and still nothing. By this time I was in need of something to help with the pain so I got a shot of neubain (not sure if I'm spelling it correctly). That let me fall asleep for half an hour. 
I woke up feeling worse - throwing up and all. Shortly after that I started pushing - and pushed. for. almost. two. hours. That's when the monitors started beeping and more nurses came running in. I knew he wasn't coming out. His heart rate dropped and so did my blood pressure. They said I needed an emergency c-section. The next 15 mins. were the fastest 15 mins of my life. People running everywhere. I was wheeled away and strapped to the operating table (I was shaking so bad and couldn't stop so they strapped my arms down). 
And then it was over. He was out and crying and perfect. And then there were 3! Born at 11:44pm August 14th, 2009. In labor for around 15 hours.

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