Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I wasn't really feeling...

motivated to write a blog post today but then I found this website and really got inspired. That website led me to this website and got me even more inspired! Lately I've really been thinking a lot about life - that sounds so cliche but it's true. When we moved I went through a lot of my belongings and decided to get rid of many of them. I just didn't realize how much stuff we had accumulated through out our house in the last 5 1/2 years. A lot of STUFF! So it's gone and I don't miss it. I can't even really remember what was all in there. I still have a lot of things laying around and a few boxes here at the new house that are unpacked. I'm thinking that if I am living these last couple months without it then I guess I really don't need it. Here is the 100 item challenge. I'm thinking about trying it out. I have absolutely no idea the number of items I have now but I wonder if I could get down to 100. This minimalistic life style sounds pretty darn good to me. No clutter, no stress, no stuff. 
Also when browsing through these sites I find study after study about what makes people happy - like really really happy - and guess what, it is not the things they consume. Buying something may make you happy for moment but then becomes just another thing you have purchased (for the most part - obviously not every single thing you buy). I've read that most people are happier buying an "experience" then an object. Like concert tickets, cooking class, a trip, or something like that. I also read that people are happier when they are anticipating a purchase. If you think about what you want to buy and have to save up for it and then when you finally get it the happiness stays much longer. It is hard for that to happen really now days because you can buy anything at anytime for the most part. You can buy stuff sitting in front of your computer.You don't anticipate the purchase you just impulsively buy.
Relating to this topic a little more is the fact that people seem to over work themselves and for what - so they can have the money to buy more things. What if you didn't need the money to buy things. What if you needed money to just live and pay the minimal bills needed , would you work as much as you do? Or would you start finding things to do with your time that you really enjoy. Sometimes I have a day where not a lot is going on and I am bored. I don't know what to do with myself because I am always going. Working, doing laundry, cleaning the house (taking care of all that stuff I have), cooking, running errands, etc. etc. When that stuff is finally done I'm like well now what do I do. I have a hard time "undwinding" I guess. I feel like I need to be going all the time. I shouldn't be sitting idol - there are things to be done. What if that was gone or decreased a lot? What would I fill my days with? There are so many things I want to do but never really get around to doing. Or I could learn to do a few new things - new hobbies.
It really is a complete lifestyle change. Sort of like if you are dieting and you loose weight but only to go back the old habits and regain the weight. It won't stay gone unless you make changes in your lifestyle. So I need to slowly change my everyday life and see what happens.
What do you think - does a minimalistic lifestyle sound appealing to you or do you think it's crazy jibberish?


  1. For starters I just went and did a count on my clothing:
    13 pair of jeans
    7 pair of dress pants
    8 pairs of capris
    18 pair of shorts
    18 pair of "comfy pants"
    37 tank tops
    5 swim suits
    16 dresses/skirts
    121 shirts (everything from sweaters to t-shirts)
    15 pair of pajamas
    41 pairs of foot ware (everything from boots to flip flops)
    How can I say I have nothing to ware - are you kidding me! I didn't know I had that much stuff. It doesn't look like that much in my closet. I will blog about what else I have later.

  2. please ignore my crappy spelling - thanks

  3. Hmm so you have over 100 shirts lol

    I think this is a really good idea...but it wouldn't be more then an idea for me. I do have a lot of stuff that I do not need or use but the the things I do need and use are well over 100 items.

  4. I was thinking about this last night, and I was like--- I think have more items in the kitchen alone to add up to 100. I mean, it does include silverware, pots, pans, etc. Don't even get me started on our living room with our DVD collection probably maxing it out before we even get started. ;)

  5. Yeah I didn't factor in "house hold stuff" yet. I'm concentrating on only personal stuff first. I couldn't believe I had that many shirts. It's like everything from sweaters and sweatshirts to t- shirts. But come on now - and I stand in there and complain that I don't have anything to wear. LOL So I will be downsizing soon. It's gonna be hard at first I think to let some stuff go but I can do it.

  6. I do the same thing though... Its one of those "I will wear that someday..." but I always feel better with less clutter and hardly even notice it is gone after a while! And I will also be downsizing when we move :) I'm so excited to move that it downsizing sounds fun lol And 100 personal items would be way easier to control and maintain then 100 household items....

  7. Stacy when are you guys moving - did you find a house yet?