Thursday, August 12, 2010

I wanted to touch...

base on my last post I wrote, regarding downsizing and the 100 item challenge. When I read the 100 item challenge for the first time I didn't think it would be that difficult. 100 personal items seems like a lot so it couldn't be that hard - right?! Well that night I did a quick walk around my house. This is what I found...
  • 18 purses and bags - includes backpacks, overnight bags, and handbags
  • 41 pairs of shoes - includes boots, flip flops, dress shoes, etc.
  • 9 coats and jackets
  • 13 pair of jeans
  • 7 pair of dress pants
  • 8 pair of capris
  • 18 pair of shorts
  • 18 pair of "comfy pants"
  • 37 tank tops - are you kidding me?
  • 5 swim suits
  • 16 dresses and skirts
  • 121 shirts - I couldn't believe this! includes all shirts from sweaters to t-shirts
  • 15 pairs of pajamas
  • 2 bath robes
  • lots of books 
  • lots of cd's and dvd's
  • one video camera
  • one camera
  • 2 computers - desktop and laptop
  • a lot of craft supplies - paints, brushes, canvases, etc.
  • 10 blankets - I included these in personal because they are all throw blankets that I have purchased or given as gifts
  • 1 cell phone
  • 11 bottles of perfumes and lotions
  • lots of make - up
  • 7 curling irons, hair straighteners, blow dryers, etc.
  • lots of hair stuff - brushes, pony tail holders, head bands, etc.
  • 1 large jewelry box
  • lots of jewelry   
  • a drawer full of nail polishes 
  • lots of make-up
  • my label maker
  • 1 tooth brush
this is just some of my crap
Sadly this number doesn't include all of my clothing because I realized I had clothes in the washer and the dryer. This list does not even include "house" things such as picture frames and photo albums. It doesn't include junk in my basement or garage. It does not include the boxes of stuff still at my old house. It doesn't include a closet full of linens, etc. So this might be harder then I thought! The guy who started the 100 item challenge included each piece of clothing as one item. His toothbrush and razor as an item. I didn't even want to start looking in the shower, LOL. So this may take some time. I started this morning by going through my bathroom. I emptied out my drawer of nail polish and only saved my 5 favorite. I started going through my closet and am getting rid of a few things but this is going to be a process for me I think. It is hard for me to part with some things. As I was going through my items I kept thinking "well I might want to wear that in the fall" or "I'm gonna need this because it is the only thing that goes with this". So I have to stop myself from thinking that way. 
I guess for me I am going to make this process about getting down to the basics - the things that I really love and make me happy. What do I need vs. the things I want to buy. It's gonna be hard! What are the items that you just can't part with or the items that are easy for you to get rid of?


  1. So I really love the last two posts! It really put things into perspective about what I buy on impulse or just because it's a good deal. I doubt I can get down to 100 items right now, but it has helped me to pass on things I just don't need. I would much rather spend that money/time on doing something and making memories with the people I love!

  2. Me too! I'm getting really better at stores too. Before I would have bought a cute shirt because it was on sale or whatever and now I'm passing on those things because I don't really need it. I'm trying to go through the things I have and decide to keep them or get rid of them but it's harder then I thought it would be :)

  3. Hi there,
    Just one question, with everything you have and you only have one toothbrush!! LOL