Thursday, August 26, 2010


First of all sorry for not posting on Wed. - I suck!
I am in the process of trying to grow out my hair. It is not going so well because I am at a point where it won't do anything and I want to chop it all off. My hair hasn't been the same sense I went through my pregnancy. The texture is different, the way it grows is different, and the thickness is different. It's still super thick but I don't know it's just weird. I can't figure out how I want my hair. I see all kinds of hairstyles and want my hair to be both short and long ::long sigh::
Here are some of the ways I want my hair to look if I had long hair - please look at the hair and not the people, LOL
Ok so just noticed all these women have curly long hair and when my hair is long it is just flat and frizzy and are the medium
And last but not least the shorter versions that I like...
So any opinions or advice? I need some help!


  1. Thats a lot of think it prolly depends on if your hair is naturally curly or not. My hair has always been fine but a lot of it and then got thicker when I was pregnant and then handfuls would fall out everyday after I had her!! So maybe be thankful you didnt have to grab hanfuls out at a time :) I like the medium wavy look.

  2. I lost a lot of hair too after Cain - it was coming out out the handfuls.So yucky!

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  5. grandma SnellenbergerSeptember 1, 2010 at 4:49 PM

    I like the 1st short one. I think you would really look good with that one. Love You