Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What I Love Wednesday

Every year towards the end of summer (more like the middle of summer) stores start making room for the school supplies. I love this time of the year. In my about me section I have stated my love for school/office supplies even though I do not need them and this is what I am talking about. I will wander around the school supplies even though I know I need none of  it. I will occasionally buy new pens or paper clips just because. I'm not sure what this weird obsession is about nor do I care - I just want to buy backpacks and lunch boxes, lol.. I'm looking forward to the days when I get to take my Little Bird "school shopping". Well I say that now but we shall see. So if anyone needs any "school shopping" done let me know and I will go for you!


  1. I can't help that I love post it's and sharpies!

  2. My kids often end up with way more then they need because I too can not help it. Their lunch boxes from last year are just fine but I NEED new ones :)

  3. That is how I would be too so thank goodness I have Chris to hold me back - LOL