Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What I Love Wednesday

This week I am sharing my love for this...
I sooo needed this - the sun comes up early in the morning directly into our bedroom. Like at 5 am our bedroom is super bright and wakes me up every day! I wake up for the day usually with a pillow over my head and a blanket over that. It's insane. I can't sleep with light in the room - even after Little Bird was first  born and I needed sleep more then anything else on the planet, if it was light out I couldn't do it. So anyway I invested in this wonderful dark - out eye cover thingy and it is a life saver! It was super cheap and it's super soft and most of all it keeps the light out - hallelujah :) It works wonders and I didn't wake up this morning until my alarm actually went off!
Tell me what you love this week!


  1. Today I am loving Rylee going to a sleepover! They have had a whole week away from their day camp and they need a break from one another! She leaves at 5 and I am sure by 7 I will miss her like crazy

  2. I agree about the morning sun light. I would love to have blinds hung up for that purpose and so that all my neighbors do not need to wince when they see me walk by the windows in my birthday suit..... Ok so not always walk, usually run like heck!

  3. Stacy- I hope she has fun at her sleepover :)
    Kim- You are too funny!