Monday, July 26, 2010

We had a wonderful weekend...

staying with the Hicks family. We went to the Ann Arbor art festival on Saturday and it was sooo hot. We got to watch John's band play and we walked around to look at everything the art vendors had to offer. I purchased this...
We then headed to eat and we all got out of the van. Bonnie handed me my keys which I stuck in my purse. I grabbed the diaper bag and decided "oh I don't need my purse for anything" and threw it back in the van. I then locked the van and we went into the restaurant. A few seconds later I realized we forgot the ever important sippy cup and Chris went to go grab it. We then realized I'm loosing my mind and locked the keys in the van! We had to call a tow place close by and they got us all set. What a nightmare!
On our way home we decided to stop at one of my favorite malls ever - The Great Lakes Crossing - and had lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe. I didn't think Cain would be scared of this in any way - he loves animals and is usually into that kind of thing. We were seated in the back corner and it was pretty dark, there was a giant monkey directly behind his high chair and when the animals "came to life" he freaked out. Started crying - poor baby. We walked him around until he got comfortable. He seemed to do ok but we had to move his high chair so his back wasn't to the monkey - he was not having that.

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