Thursday, July 8, 2010

On a phone call this...

morning I was reminded (a little to late) that I apparently forgot my what I love Wednesday blog. She thought I just didn't love anything that day -LOL. I in fact did forget but I will try harder next week :) I do however have a blog to write today...
Little bird is learning things at an exceptional rate these days! He just takes in everything and learns so fast - he's a genius really. (I'm his Mom so I get to think that) In the last week he has started walking! He's taking about six to seven steps at a time then plopping down on his butt. I get so excited watching him go :) He is giving kisses now on an on demand basis. If you ask him for a kiss he opens up and gives you a slobbery one.
He learned today to flush the toilet (not one of the things I am most excited about) he saw me do it today and walked right over and just did it.
These are just a couple of things but you can just see him looking around and taking everything in. It's amazing! I will blog later about the cook out we attended the other night.

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