Friday, July 30, 2010

I've learned that Santa Claus comes...

in many different ways to many people's homes. For instance when I was younger - we put our stockings out to wake up with them filled. There were some presents under the tree from our family and we would wake up to more wrapped presents under the tree. That's just the way it happened.
Later I learned that it didn't happen like that for everyone. Now as a parent, I'm trying to figure out how I want it to happen for my children. I know people who all the presents come from Mom and Dad and then the children ask for one special present from Santa - because he can only deliver one present per child. Or some people don't wrap the "santa gifts" and leave them under the tree all unwrapped - because Santa doesn't possibly have time to wrap all the presents for all the children.
I don't ever want to go overboard with Christmas for Cain. Even now we don't buy him lots of toys. We don't want him to have so much "stuff" that he doesn't appreciate what he has. I know that Little Bird won't remember at this point anyway. So I am wondering how did "Santa" happen  for you as a child or how do you do it now as a parent? Please leave a comment -I'm very curious.

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  1. Well, seeing as Ryan and I haven't had the baby bug bite us yet, I'll tell you what happened when I was a child. We had all the fun presents from Santa, and my parents blessed us with the things we needed like clothes, etc. One year, which as you might guess, was the last year Santa visited, I spent Christmas at my dad's house. Each person had a different wrapping paper, so no need for tags. When Dad realized that morning that Santa was still a visitor in my eyes, he quickly noted that he had called Santa and gotten matching paper... I think you see where this is going... lol

    I think either way you choose, Cain will love it. :) Just remember to keep it consistent because that's when things get tricky. ;)

    --Kim- The Puggles Wifey