Thursday, July 1, 2010

I have to admit that...

the bigger Cain gets the less I want to have another baby. I mean I know that I do what to have more children but he is getting so big and doing so many more things on his own and I kinda like it. When I went to visit my sister and see the new baby she asked if I missed this stage (her baby was a month old at the time) and I had to say no. I don't really miss that part much at all - the no sleep, the crying, the sleeping all day, it wasn't much fun. Now that he's a little bigger he likes to "play" and can interact with us. He lets me know what he needs and wants. And the biggest part is that he sleeps through the night for the most part - amen! The first couple months of having a new born are just plain hard, definitely worth it of course, but it's super hard. So now that my little bird is almost a year old I'm kind of debating when would be a good time to add to our family and I'm just not sure. I don't want to have two kids super close in age because I think I might loose my mind altogether but I don't want two kids to be to far apart either. Hmmm....anyway here's a look at how my little guy has grown. New babies are super cute though - huh.
just a few days old
just the other day -10 months old

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  1. He is just so cute! Well Rylee and James are 2.5 years apart and it seems to be working out quite well :) My sister, brother and I are all 3 years apart and that half of year makes a big difference I think. Ry and James have always played well together... but I am sure my time is coming for the arguing and bickering :) I definelty wouldn't make them more then 3 years apart...