Thursday, July 22, 2010

I decided that....

my blog was in need of a make over so here it is!
This weekend we will be going to stay with some family down state - looking forward to a fun weekend of family, thrifting, Ikea, music, and food. Can't wait :)
In about three weeks we will be celebrating Little Birds first birthday. We aren't going all out or anything but I'm a sucker for the little details. We are having a monkey theme and I was really inspired by...
Our party won't be like this by any means but it is some of the inspiration. I made a super cute banner that we will hang up. The colors will be brown and yellow. I made cute monkey napkin decorations. I'm sure it will all look cute when put together and the most important thing is that Cain has fun and enjoys his day. He won't actually remember this day but we will have pictures to share with him when he is older. I will post pictures of all the little things after the party. 
We finally got some little patches of grass growing randomly through out the yard. It means we did it right (hopefully) and it's gonna work. The rain we are getting today is definitely helping. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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