Saturday, June 19, 2010

We had our first...

trip to the zoo on Friday. We went to the Binder Park Zoo with our friends Kim & Pug and Jessica & Jack. It was a lot of fun but super hot - we were all sweating the entire day. It's a really nice zoo - lots to see, a food place in the center, little shops along the way.
here we are when we first got into the zoo
Cain checking out the monkey
Chris was excited about the swamp adventure
checking out the goats in the children's zoo
Cain and Mommy
Trying to get a picture of Cain and Jack
Cain & Daddy
riding over to "Wild Africa"
 where he fell asleep for the best part - feeding the giraffes 
Cain and his buddy Jack - snoozing through the best part
at the end in his giraffe ears 

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