Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What I Love Wednesday...

So today I want to introduce my first ever What I Love Wednesday. On Wednesdays I am going to "try" and share with you one thing that I love at the moment - whatever it may be. The thing I am loving right now is...
Halle Berry's perfume - "Pure Orchid" 
I purchased this a few months ago when I received some birthday gift cards. I knew I wanted to get a new perfume. Something that I didn't already have and something that smelled "summery" to me. I literally stood in the perfume section of the store for 45 mins. smelling and re-smelling everything they had in stock. I finally decided to get this and I'm really glad I did. It is perfect for summer. I don't like to smell really "per-fumy" when it is super hot and muggy - it feels like the smell just lingers in the air - not in a good way. I guess it's hard to describe. Anyway...this one has a light smell - sort of flowery and sort of sweet. I have already had a few compliments on it. I can't really recall how much it cost but it couldn't have been super expensive because I wouldn't have bought it.
I really love all that is "smelly" (good smelly that is). I love perfumes, lotions, body washes, shampoos, and I like to change it up a lot. I get sick of using the same product for a long time. I've been known to go through half a bottle of shampoo or body wash and put it away for later so I can open up something new. I do eventually use it when I am ready to come back around to that smell again. I am trying to not do this as much for clutter reasons - I don't want to have 5 half full bottles of various products in my cupboard. 
I am very excited to announce my first ever giveaway - my 5 lucky readers, lol - will have a chance to win a set of one of my favorite "smellies". (yes I am aware I am making up my own words).
 Victoria Secret "Very Sext Hot" lotion and body wash.
What To Do: All you have to do to enter this giveaway is leave a comment below telling me what your favorite "smelly" is. It can be anything - what scent, what product, etc. All you need is an email address. This giveaway will end Friday at 9pm - Eastern Time. The winner will be choosen at random. The more comments you leave the better your chance will be. The winner will have to e-mail me their information to claim their prize and I will mail it to them. So that's it!


  1. Well i like my phat. It has a nice sweet smell. But i was wondering about the new Halle Berry perfume and now i am glad to know it smells pretty good!

  2. jerri snellenbergerMay 19, 2010 at 10:52 AM

    I like the smell of juniper breeze lotion and candles, (all kinds of candles)

  3. Omnia by Bulgari...and for the house, B & B Works Warm Vanilla Sugar wallflowers :)

  4. I have the original Halle perfume and like it a lot! My favorite is Basic Instincts from Vicotria Secret but I only buy it when I am at the outlet store because it is so expensive! I did however buy Japenese Cherry Blossom perfume from Bath and Body and the scent sticks with you a lot longer then just the body spray and I got a few compliments on it today! And as for my home I only burn French Toast candles from Kohls!! Thanks for the post Crystal :)

  5. Okay,I also love Blissful Moment from the VS Garden Collection, but it has been discontinued for a couple of years, so I have to buy it on Ebay...and it is hard to find even then

  6. I love Paris Hilton's perfumes!! But I do not love Paris Hilton... yuck
    The only other smell I wear is spit up or chocolate :)And I would have to say I love those too!

  7. Haha...I love Kim's comment.

  8. I love the lotion i bought at bath and body works, it is a relaxing lotion, like aroma therapy, it is milk and honey, and it is the best lotion i have ever bought....smells wonderful.