Saturday, May 29, 2010

We all do what we...

think is best for our children. That may be one thing for one family and a different thing for another family. I try really hard not to judge the choices that other people make - especially now that I am a mother myself. It seems that when you become a parent everyone and their brother has an opinion on how you should and shouldn't do things for your child. After reading this post from Sarah it really made me want to discuss some of the decisions that Chris and I have made for our family. Usually I tend to shy away from this because people seem to have such strong feelings about some of these issues - it's easier to just do what we do and not debate it - there's no point in debating it really. So here are a few of the choices we have made.
Medicine - We do not go to a regular doctor. We practice homeopathic medicine. We do not take prescription drugs (for the most part -you know if it is something major then we will). I had a midwife during my pregnancy but in the end had to have a c-section. I felt really nervous when Cain was born because all you hear about is "who's your pediatrician, he needs a pediatrician" so I of course found a pediatrician and ended up hating the experience. So needless to say he no longer has a pediatrician. If we have to see a doctor for something - we take his advice but if we don't feel comfortable with what he is saying then we don't do it. We are healthy and alive - that's all you can ask for right.
Vaccinations - This is the one that people tend to get emotional about. We decided after much thought and research to not get Cain vaccinated. We found any information we could, supporting both sides of the argument, and went over it. We found a class that was all about vaccinations and went. In the end we decided that the risks out weighed the benefits and that the best thing for our family would be to not vaccinate. Now that in no way means that we think every single person should make the same decision as us - to each their own.
Food - Everyone who knows me knows that I am a vegetarian and have been my entire life - I don't know what a steak or hamburger even tastes like. (everyone always asks how this could be...when I was little my parents would try and feed me meat and I would get sick every time. They took me to the doctor and he said my system couldn't handle it and don't force it. They never made me eat it and I never wanted to.) I did however try a pepperoni off of pizza and I did not like it. My husband is meat eater. We buy most of our food organic. We shop at a local co-op and try and get local foods. Now if you know us you know that we are not extremists - we do stop at fast food places - Chris loves Taco Bell. Chris is better - for the most part -  at making healthy food choices then I am. I really love junk food - but I'm working on it (as I eat a brownie, lol). We want to know where our food is coming from - local meats, free ranged chicken/eggs, no growth hormones, etc. This is something that we feel strongly about and want to instill in Cain. This is something that we are constantly working on because it really is a lifestyle  change.
TV - We have a television but we do not have cable or an antenna for local tv. This choice started out mostly as an effort to save money. We watch movies, we have a computer hooked up to our tv so we are able to watch shows on hulu. TV is not a main part of day. Sometimes it doesn't get turned on all day. We really want our kids to find other interests that do not involve tv shows. Has Cain never seen television -no - but we don't want him to grow up needing it for entertainment.
There is always something that we could improve on - we recycle but we use disposable diapers instead of cloth, etc.  Again like I already said we aren't extreme one way or the other. We are always working on doing what's best for our son, for our family, for our community and the environment. Trying to make good, healthy choices - because we all just want the best for our children - whatever that may be for you.


  1. I think you're making some brilliant choices. If I could go back and do it over, I wouldn't do vaccinations either. It's funny that when you become a parent, you suddenly start forgiving your own parents for what you perceived as their all their foibles! I can look back now, objectively, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my parents were the best parents they knew how to be. Who could ask for more? Stick to your guns, Crystal; I think you're doing a fabulous job! Kitty

  2. Thank You Kitty - and that is so true about looking back and realizing that our parents were trying to do their best and as a parent I now know that's all you can do :)