Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sorry about the delay in...

my posts lately. Cain is teething really bad and I haven't had a lot of time. His two front teeth are coming in at the same time. It is awful. I wanted to do my first give away this week but it looks like it will  be delayed. I am excited about it though. Some of my favorite blogs - BecomingSarah, MarraigeConfessions, and The Pioneer Woman - just to name a few, do really cool give aways and inspired me. Now obviously they have thousands and thousands of viewers so it's really really fun and I have like five (thanks family) but I want to show my five fans some give away love too. So hopefully next Wednesday I will be able to kick off the give away - no promises though. I guess it will depend if my child is still feeling icky. Who knew teething could cause Diarrhea? People why did you not tell me this stuff???
In other news here are two of my favorite pictures from my first Mother's Day...
Here we are first thing in the morning -that's why I look like crap :)
And here we are later in the day - 
with clothes and make up (well me anyway) on!
I will probably be out of the blogger land for the rest of the week. We will be leaving out of town on Friday for the weekend for a wedding. Early Congrats to Pug and Kim.

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