Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Over the last few...

days we have been very busy. Chris was in a wedding the past weekend so we were out of town for that. We brought Cain with us because I didn't really want to be away from him for an entire weekend. Who knew that hotel rooms were so non-kid friendly. But we had a great time. Cain loved the pool - even if it was a little chilly. It was a great wedding, a fun day. Here are some wedding pictures...
The Bride and Groom
Kim and I
Chris and I
Chris and Pug
Getting the garter 
The Hubs
Chris and his BFF Nick
Here are some pictures of Cain and I in the pool, at the hotel, and during the weekend.
Here is my 9 month old little man
In the pool
Then it was back to work yesterday. Today was my day off and this morning I had to call Chris because I thought I was dying. I was double over in the bathroom - Cain was in his walker, screaming. I managed to get him in his pack and play with some toys and me on the couch. So Chris worked from home today just in case I actually did die. I was able to pull myself together after a long nap. We had Cain's cousins over and we went to MaKenna's softball game. - don't worry people cramps aren't contagious so I didn't pass on my almost death disease to anyone. Here are some pictures from our day.
Playing outside
Sippy cup break
Got his first outdoor injury
Bubbles with Tuesday and Jett
At the ball fields
That was our day - check back tomorrow for my first ever giveaway!!!

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  1. Awe sorry we missed you guys! The kids keep me running this time of year they have games Mon-Fri usually each one on a differnt day! Your pictures are adorable and you look fantasic in that dress! Very classic!